Sellers Roofing-New Hope is a licenced roofing contractor offering free roof inspection New Hope, MN and surrounding areas!  Our roof inspection team has years of experience inspecting rwsidential and commercial roofng systems for signs of damage after wind and hail storms, torbadoes, and other severe weather occurences! Our inspectors will be happy to carry out a thorough evaluation of the current condition of your residential or commercial roof if you need a roof inspection.

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Our inspection team will provide a detailed update on the current status of your roof. We will provide recommendations for steps that you should take. Also, we will look for any changes that need to be made to increase the longevity of your roof. We can take photos, write remarks and an estimation of the cost of repair.

We will provide all the information on the roof needed by the home or building seller and buyer. Inspections will include our professional opinion, insurance filing procedure and free estimates.



Before You Buy a Property

It is important to assess the condition of a house before you invest in it. If it is particularly old house you must determine the life expectancy of the roof. So, you can determine the repair required and talk with the seller accordingly.

Inspection Before And After Winter Season

Winter season brings loads of snow accumulation on your roofs. They can cause moisture issues and compromise the structure of your roof. It is important that you check the strength of the roof before winter starts and access any damage after winter. Our expert inspection will ensure you get all the necessary solution and fixes in time. With prompt solution you can stay stress free about the condition of your roof.

Repair Or Replace

Roof replacements can be far more expensive than roof repair. Getting unnecessary roof replacement when you can do with repairs can waste you a lot of money. Whereas, patching up cracks when a roof replacement is needed can put serious safety issues for your roofs.


Roof checks are important after bad weather, like heavy and continuous rain, hail storm, high winds etc. If you have old and crumbling roof, roof inspection is essential as well. We help you identify problems early before causing more damage to your home or business house. Our Houston roofing contractors recommend that you schedule a review following storms before buying or selling a home to ensure that your roof structure stays solid at least once a year.

Our qualified roof inspection team is available throughout the area of New Hope. Please schedule your roof inspection appointment today, call Sellers Roofing- New Hope.

We are prompt in answering your call. We promise to provide comprehensive roof inspection report providing all the details on your roof condition. We will provide estimates, alternatives and discuss any of your queries. We appreciate customer’s input and work accordingly. We do not suggest unnecessary repairs to get more business out of you.

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