The funny thing about balustrade systems is that nobody seems to bat an eyelid when they’re seen in thousands of public environments, but the mention of steel balustrades and handrails being used around the home never fails to raise an eyebrow or two. After all, these are purely industrial applications we’re talking about here, right?

Not even close – stainless steel balustrading can play an incredibly valuable role around the home and really comes into its own on balconies or terraces.

So given the almost endless options on the market today for balcony barrier constructions, what makes stainless steel the preferred choice?

Weather Resistance

Plenty of materials like concrete and wood appear to offer weather resistance, but in reality this is only true to a degree.

Over time, these and other materials will become worn and eroded by rain, wind and the harsh summer sun, which can lead to the need for repair and replacement – not to mention the significant danger risks. By contrast, stainless steel is 100% weather proof to the extreme and will never falter regardless of the elements.

Ease of Maintenance

What this adds up to is a balustrade or safety rail installation that demands practically nothing at all by way of maintenance or long-term care, which in turn means fewer costs and no real attention required. Once an elite stainless steel balustrade is in, chances are it’s in for good!

Superb Safety

Stainless steel also happens to be one of the strongest and most durable materials around today, which means that when it comes to acting as a much-needed barrier on a balcony or terrace, there’s really no better option.

And, as mentioned previously, stainless steel will not rust or corrode which means superb safety for the long-term.

Elegant Appearance

Last but not least, few could deny that a stainless steel installation looks anything less than stunning.

Regardless of the finish or the effect chosen, stainless steel is easy to clean, resistant to rust and carries on looking as good as new practically indefinitely. It’s also a comparative rarity when it comes to featuring on balconies and terraces, making for an even more exclusive dynamic.