For others, the rules concerning roof claims can be overwhelming and confusing. Unexpected things happen sometimes, which may result in your roof being damaged or destroyed. If this is true for you then you will find this article useful. The specific steps you need to take in filing roof claims are discussed below

How to File a Roofing Claim

To make the process go smoothly and prevent issues in the future, here are the necessary steps to take in filing roof claims.

Check the Extent of Roof Damage

You need to figure out the extent of the damage by inspecting your roof first. If you are unable to do this yourself, you have the option to hire professional roofers and let them do it for you.

Depending on the roofing company you choose, they might provide a detailed report of your roof’s damages, or they may even discuss your claim with the insurance provider on your behalf. It would be helpful to ask what services they provide beforehand, to know which one suits your needs the best.

Determine the Insurance Coverage

Before filing a claim, it’s essential to know the rights that come with your insurance plan. Inspect if your insurance covers your roof and whether they cover your type of damage or not.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

To validate your claim, you need to provide several documents to your insurance agency. These documents include:

  • Photos showing the extent of roof damage
  • A detailed report of everything damaged
  • A report of what likely needs to be done

Contact Your Insurance Agent

It would be best to get in touch with your insurer as early as possible to know the steps you need to take. Depending on the insurance company you chose, you may be required to notify them within a certain amount of time after the damage has occurred.

Find a Professional Roofer

A written estimate of the costs is also required, this is where you need to reach out to roofing companies. If your roof requires total replacement and it is necessary, make sure all those are indicated in the report.

Filing Your Claim

With the help of your insurer, you may now file your claim, ensuring that all the necessary evidence and information are included. In the case of interior damages, receipts for damaged pieces of furniture may also be included. Lastly, if the roof is damaged to the extent that your family needs to stay in a hotel, you need to include the costs involved along with your claim.

Have an Insurance Adjuster Visit Your Home

Insurance adjusters are in charge of visiting your home to assess the damages and validate your claim. If possible, you can have both your roofing contractor and the insurance adjuster present for them to discuss the repair needs together.

Roof Replacement

After having your claim approved, ensure that the settlement quote is enough to fix the damages. You may now hire a roofing contractor of your choice to have your roof replaced or fixed.


No matter your roof type, unexpected things happen sometimes, requiring you to have your roof fixed or replaced. If your insurance covers your roof, you need to take the right steps to have your claim approved. Knowing the specific steps on how to file a roofing claim, new hope residents can expect the process to go smoothly and no unwanted issues in the future