Homeowners Insurance Claims Questions – Pro Advice for Minnesotans

As a homeowner, homeowners insurance can be one of the toughest decisions you can face. Homeowners insurance is detrimental to your life as a homeowner, because it protects you and your belongings from sudden unexpected damages from fires, theft, and floods. If your head has been filled with homeowners insurance claims questions like; who do I choose, what will be covered, and what happens if I ever have to file a claim, we wrote this article just for you!

In this homeowners insurance claims questions article, we will highlight each of these questions, and address them individually to give you a much better understanding of homeowners insurance and the claims process. We wanted to share our experience with you so that you can easily pick which company and policy is best for you and your family, and know when and how to file an insurance claim without having to come out of pocket to get your home back after something unexpected happens and throws your life out of sync.

Homeowners Insurance Claims Questions – Tips for Finding the Best Homeowners Insurance Company

One of the main attributes that homeowners look for in a homeowners insurance company is customer service, and there is very good reason for that. They will be cutting your check to cover the damages. How well they relate and empathize to your needs, how well they understand your concerns, and how fast they get your money to you are all contingent on customer service.

That being said, one of the most highly rated and recommended companies for customer service throughout the homeowners insurance claims process is Amica Mutual. One of the second most highly rated companies for customer service, which also is infamous for being easy and seamless for first time buyers is Allstate.

However, even though they have amazing customer service, you always want to know what you are looking for ahead of time, and ask questions if necessary to be certain that your policy is what you want for your home and your belongings. Remember the time you got burned by a 2 year contract with a horrible phone service or internet provider? Their response was probably something like, “Well, you should have read the fine print, because it’s all in your contract ma’am/sir…”


Well, your homeowners policy is one policy that you want to definitely ready the fine print on. In short, any company that can watch your entire house burn to the ground and only pay you part of what your roof is worth (for instance) needs your full attention from the start.

Homeowners Insurance Claims Questions - Learn the Step by Step Process Here - A Homeowners Insurance Policy Paper with a Pen on Top

Tips for Choosing the Right Homeowners insurance Policy

There are several factors involved with choosing the right homeowners insurance policy for you and your family. Different factors that come into play that will make better policies than others, and homeowners with different needs that will need to be met in case severe damage occurs. For this reason, instead of making you read a whole big spill on it, we decided to list some easy tips that will help you choose a great homeowners insurance policy.

Get Enough Coverage

If you are unsure of what to do and you need a sure win in any situation of “rule of thumb” to go by, then try to shoot for enough coverage to fully rebuild you house. This is refereed to as the replacement value or replacement cost of your house. If you go with a reputable company after that and you have read their reviews and reports online and their aren’t a ton of horror stories circulating around about them by previous customers, you should be in good shape.

Make Sure You Are Covered Where You Need to Be Covered

According to this hail damage fact sheet from 2017 by the insurance information institute, Minnesotans are in the 4th most damaging state in terms of hail damage. So for homeowners here in the Twin Cities, it is considered a wise investment to get Earthquake, hail, and windstorm coverage, which usually is an addon because of the money that it can put insurers out.

Examine your policy carefully and make sure that the assets that are most important to you are covered, and if you live somewhere that certain hazards are more prominent, cover them if you can and you won’t be sorry in the long run when you need to fall back on that for coverage.

Be Mindful of Your Liability Coverage and Assets

Most homeowners insurance policies give you around $100,000 in liability insurance. Liability insurance is what people have access to in court if they get injured on your property. In states where the plaintiff can go after your assets in cases where you don’t have the money, it’s wise to get more coverage that $100,000 if your assets are worth more than that.

Look for Lower Premiums

Bundling your coverage, making home improvements, and getting higher deductibles will all shave money off your insurance premiums. This means more money in your pocket in case disaster strikes, making it a win/win situation from the start.

Know When to File a Claim

One of the key factors in getting the money you deserve when a violent storm or other unexpected occurrence puts your home and assets in danger is knowing when to file a claim. For the most part, if you suspect that any damage may have occurred to your property by something like wind, hail, tornado, etc… Always inspect thoroughly, and if you don’t know what to look for, call a professional with free inspections like Sellers Roofing Company.

Suspect Hail Damage or Other Storm Related Damages? Call Now and Save Money!

Sellers Roofing Company has trained expert roofers to inspect and assess your damages from hail storms, wind storms, tornadoes and other natural occurrences. With over 12 years in exterior home storm damage restorations and handling insurance claims, when we get hired by a client to handle their storm damage claim, we have the right information to the right people for you without headaches and we cover the whole process for you from start to finish so you can move on with your life and get the money you need for repairs!

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Homeowners Insurance Claims Questions – Homeowners Insurance Claims Process Step By Step

We wanted to give our fellow Minnesotans and homeowners in general a reference to come back to in case they ran into severe weather issues that caused damages to their home or property and needed to file an insurance claim. When a severe weather occurrence hits, it never announces itself first, and there are a number of steps that you will need to be ready for that you just wont be prepared for without some kind of help.

We made this handy list as a reference for homeowners insurance claims, so that you can reflect here and know exactly what to do if you suspect damages to your property has occurred from a severe weather outbreak. Below, you will find step by step instructions to go by that will guide you through the process of filing a claim if you become a victim of severe weather damage.

Homeowners Insurance Claims Questions - A Calculator with Money Under it

1. Homeowners Insurance Claims – Step One – Respond Quickly and Take Pictures

The first step if you suspect damages to any part of your home or property due to a thunderstorm or other event that is covered by your homeowners policy is respond to it quickly. Inspect the property, and if you are unsure, call a professional inspector to assess any damages, and then take pictures as soon as possible, preferanly right after the damage takes place.

2. Call Your Insurance Company and Report the Damages

Calling your insurance company is the next step after you are sure that you have damages. They will document your call, and set up a time for you to meet with the claims adjuster who will assess the damages, take into account all of your proof, and that will getn the claims process rolling.

3. Be Aware of Your Mortgage

If you are mortgaging your home there will be added steps and signings to wait for before you get your check(s). This is becuase the mortgage company will have to approve the amounts and make sure that they agree with them before you are paid, because you are an investment of theirs, and well… That’s honest, and the law.

4. Select a Contractor and Get An Estimate

Selecting a reputable contractor like Sellers Roofing Company is crucial to having the right work done for the right price, and having it hold up and stand the test of time. At Sellers Roofing Company, our customers enjoy a seamless claims process, which our experts guide all the way through to final payment, while our clients enjoy low, affordable pricing, and some of the best service money can buy!

5. After Work is Done, Collect Final Check and Settle Up and Rest Easy

Depending on the severity of your claim, you could wind up receiving multiple checks before the final payment is due. The ALE check is just for living expenses in cases where your home is uninhabitable, and your mortgage company or contractor could receive your check initially, depending on a number of factors. If you have questions, the best thing to do is to go with an insurer that you trust, and get a reputable contractor involved to get a second opinion and tell you exactly what to expect.

Homeowners Insurance Claims Questions – Final Thoughts

We hope that this homeowners insurance claims questions article has given you what you need to find the right homeowners insurance policy., and helped you better understand the claims process. Sellers Roofing Company is a local roofing and remodeling contractor with over 12 years experience in commercial and residential storm damage repairs, exterior remodeling, and roofing installations, repairs, and replacements. We are here for you any time you have questions, and any time you need a free expert opinion, whether it be right after a questionable job, or after a storm passes and you suspect damage to your home or other assets.

Our friendly operators are on standby during normal business hours to answer any questions and set up a good time for you to meet with one of our experts for free inspection and damage assessments. Just call us at (612)354-6339

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